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The untamed, unmanicured Malaysian Rainforests is featured in 300 pages of lavish, full-coloured pictures with text covering a wide range of topics to inform, inspire and instil a sense of responsibility towards our natural heritage. – Pusaka Akar (The Roots of Our Heritage)

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Malaysia’s forests and plants have the potential to generate revenue and offer promising medicinal properties through sustainable development and discoveries. Our forests have a complex ecosystem that takes years to develop and is difficult to fully restore.

Pusaka Akar (The Roots of our Heritage), a 314-page coffee table book, is the brainchild of Tun Jeanne Abdullah. The book touches on various topics ranging

from our forest heritage to the environment. It was successfully launched on 16 December 2014.

Pusaka Akar showcases pictorial wonders of Malaysia’s forests with special emphasis on the work, thoughts and missions taking place to conserve and preserve the rainforest. The contents of the book are contributed by like-minded individuals, corporate personalities, conservationists and academicians. It also contains creative photography and quotes on nature, as well as commentaries and articles.

"At this point, we are not fighting for the philosophy of a cause, a hope, or a dream – we are fighting for our forests survival – and if we do not get our hands dirty, the rainforest will be irrevocably lost to us."

Datuk Sam Mannan,
Director of Forestry Sabah

Pusaka Akar is an ambassador of Malaysia’s magnificent natural legacy in the hopes of instilling prominent appreciation for our indigenous environment while advocating the need to preserve our Malaysian rainforests. Additionally, the book creates public awareness on the urgency to conserve and safeguard our remarkable heritage for future generations.

In buying this book, you will be supporting the work of Landskap Malaysia to promote environmental conservation through our various programmes.

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This book will be an important collection on the selves of environmentalists, researchers, explorers, educators and students.

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